Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This ones for you mom... =)

SO here is half of my very LARGE family. =) aren't we all cute?
In the top picture there's: Malarie, Bethany, Me, and Ethan. Next picture: Jolanda, Naemi, Malarie, me, Lisa, and Siai. And Lastly:Pablo Lisa Ben Ethan Malarie Me and Bethany.
Ok so mom wanted me to blog again... so here it is. It gets hard blogging because it's always kinda the same stuff that happens. Don't get me wrong it's all amazing but it's really more amazing to experience it than to read about it.
So a ton of my housemates are either going home over break or they are going to New Zealand to hang our with our New Zealand Brothers and meet their families and stuff, but that's not in my budget as of now so I think I'll just get a job and work this summer, that way maybe I can go next summer =) So anyway since I'm staying at home I figured I could bond with the neighbors, I was thinking about having a "block party" so to speak, with the other 4 houses on my street. I think this would be an amazing way to build relationship with them.
And speaking of buildng relationship with neighbors i've been starting good relationships with a couple of the neighbors but a few of us girls are thinking about moving out of the mansion to find some place with cheaper rent, but the only thing keeping from doing that now are the neighbors. I feel that if I leave and there is no one to carry out the relationship with the neighbors it seem all for nothing. So I can't leave......right? I dunno one of those things I guess, those things to stay in prayer about.

OK so love you all miss you all HEAPS! =)
Exo day is Saturday get ready to live, lives will be changed AMEN!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My lovely life....

OK mom this ones for you.. =)
So it's been awhile but I'm just working hard on my assessments, well not that hard but I've only had 3 and got competent on 2 of them and I'm awaiting the marking on the 3rd. So real exciting I was just about to try to finish another assessment but Microsoft word kicked me off, and I think it's because I can't get on when Craig's on since i did get it from him. O well... this morning were having yummy int eh tummy pancakes, I may not have one because I'm trying to take good care of my body, don't get me wrong if there are any left then I'll gladly clean it up but I'll just let everyone else go first.

A couple things that are rocking my world... first, this healthy thing, it's just been a constant theme for me. My body is God's tool and if it isn't at it's best how can it be efficient. God deserves my very best and my very best should be excellence. Yes to splurge once a week is glorious but wisdom is also great.
Next is personal evangelism class, it's got to be one of my favorite classes, I am challenged just about everyday with being about my fathers business so to speak. It's just amazing. I can't even explain BUT when I do know is that I think everyone should come to Hillsong international leadership college for at least a year at some point int here life! WORD. your life will be rocked.

OK my people I love you but the suns shining, no clouds and it's 63 degrees on a beautiful productive day is about to take place. LOVE YOU ALL SO very much! xox
Goodbye from Julie and Bethany at the front porch!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week one of intensives...

Mom said I need to blog so here I go blogging.

We started Intensives last week which are 3 days of lectures from about 830-530 With a few breaks in between. I love it the lectures are amazing and are the pastors giving the lectures. This Tuesday starts another week of intensives then next week starts our classes. I got my "allocations" (which is a fancy word for where I will be serving in church". My field work is Hillsong Creative Choir, I will serve in the choir 2 services on the weekends. My church life (which is my service during the week) is Youth Alive. Youth Alive is an all of Australia thing. There are huge events put on to reach students from all Australia. One event coming in September is The Big Exo Day it's gonna be balling! You can check out the website at for youth alive at http://youthalive.com.au/ and you can check out what the Big Exo day is at
http://www.thebigexoday.com/asimplefaith/index.htm SO Yea I'm stoked about my allocations and being able to start serving at church.

We went to Parkleas market the other day it was about a 30 minute walk, but we got alot of fruits and veggies for cheap rather than at the grocery store. I've talked to my friend Malarie and we've decided that we'll shop there for fruits and veggies from now on. haha

Jobs... So no job yet, which is fine with me, for now. There's a Mcdonalds opening up at the shopping center nearby maybe i'll apply there or Gloria Jeans or the Call center. Weird thing last night I had a dream that this lady at church offered me a job as Creative Director.... Prophetic? hmmm haha I dunno I'm not worried though. I just think I need to be a little more persistent on that though.

Really cool, yesterday I found 5 dollars that my mom gave me along with a necklace she sent and I was so stoked! So Yesterday during church I was thinking should I put it in the offering because I haven't really tithed and what not. But I thought no, I need eggs so I'll get eggs and tithe what I have left over in the night service, then it hit me. NO! God doesn't deserve my leftovers. He stinking Provided me with the 5 dollars in the first place.. (He holds the Large bag of skittles anyway) How dare I. So I went back and forth no joke, about 5 times while the bucket is coming down the Isle, thinking "should I just give the 3 dollars I'll get back from the eggs"...." No, I'll give it, and it was really hard but I gave it. I hate that It seemed so hard. Any we ate on the back patio of the house for lunch and I found a 2 dollar coin!!! God so takes care of me. But why don't I just believe it? Even if I didn't find those 2 dollars God is totally worth it, he deserves it all. Like in Daniel 3 when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego told Nebuchadnezzar

"IF it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king." v.17

....listen carefully it's getting good.......

"But Even if he does not, let it be known to you, O king that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up." v.18

I was talking to a couple of my friends about how it's easier for me to have faith that God is going to provide for someone else than it is to believe he will take care of me. I have no idea why that is, but I'm working on it, or should I say God's still working on me.

Anyway that's it for today.... Give God all you have all your Glory, Praise and Money ;) And Give it with a joyful heart, and expectant heart and humble heart. DO everything you do with excellence, because He deserves it!
He's so worthy.
Julie. <3

Friday, July 23, 2010


It's about time I blogged! Let me first start with, school starts Tuesday crazy crazy! Now let me tell you a bit about my house and housemates. I've been in Lisas bed because people weren't moved out, that's plus because it's warmer upstairs... especially in the middle of winter, cardboard walls dontcha know. haha So yea I'm up here for a while more because my roomate has a friend staying over for a couple days, no big though. I get to stay with Lisa's roomie Katy who is also the Bomb.com. I have twice now found two sweet notes from her and one of the first nights here when I had no friends she and a couple of her friends, Beth (who is south African), and Emily (who is Canadian) we went on a junk food run and it was a blast, such amazing sweet girls for real!!

There are 5 of us new intakes, Myself, Jolanda (who is Dutch and Worship), Jasmine (who is English and dance), Alex (from Geaorgia, my roomate and worship) and Malarie (who is from Texas and TV/Media). Malarie and I have become quite close, we just click... I figure it's because us Texas girls are so much alike. haha Now I have also met tons more people but let me just name a few, Lyndsey (from Scotland) and Chrissy (from Pennsylvania) These girls are fantastic and it's quite sad because they live so far away so it's hard to see them often, but since they both in worship stream I hope to see much more of them.

There are also a few guy friends made Ivan, Andrew, Oliver and Shawn who are all first semester (they've been there for 6 months already) and are worship stream. Oliver and Shawn are south african, Ivan and Andrew are from the states. Jonathan who is new intake, is from New York. Ethan and Ben are from New Zealand. Matt from Austria. Patrick from Switzerland. Yuda from Indonesia, who is starting his 3 year.... or 4th, can't remember. And of course Chris Jones who has been a HUGE help!

ANNNND I have a connect group thanks to United last week. I'm on the red tribe and we are having a HUGE dance party tomorrow night at someones house, talk about ballin'...I can't wait!!

MISS YOU ALL back home, LOVE YOU. I get excited everytime I hear from you all! Missin' ya!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Conference 2011

I forgot where I left off but Wednesday night was Judah Smith Thursday night was T.D Jakes and Yesterday ended with a Bang as T.D preached again! Man, you should all register for conference 2011 now!!! I think there are group discounts and there is stuff for Youth and children while the adults are in church building workshops! MAn it's great.... anyway Wednesday night this sweet Indonesian woman with her daughter asked me if I knew where a certain train was, I told her she could follow us, not that we knew where we were going but hey. So turns out she had been going to the conference all week! Great lady. On the way home that night we were on a bus where a boy, Who turns out is from Ohio but was raised in Australia, was talking to a random lady on our train about Jesus, we were just ease dropping. But it was cool. Thursday after the conference out of everyone, all 30,000 people we saw Lisa what are the odds! So she introduced us to some people. Lots more happened but today time is essential so I must not go.. love you all back home! miss you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie.....

So Sunday I left for Australia. It actually fells like yesterday for me, but it's Tuesday here so... whatever. Anyway cool stuff, while we were waiting at LAX for our 1030 flight to Australia start this guy came and sat next to me, he asked me to watch his stuff while he went to the bathroom, so I did. When he got back I joked about having to beat someone up for trying to steal it, and what do ya know he's from Brisbane. So we got talking, I noticed from our talk he wasn't involved in church. But he had been to Hillsong Brisbane with an ex-girlfriend. Anyway, the guy was hungry and out of American money so I gave him some money and told him to eat, after he refused 6 times finally he went and got..... peanuts. Nothing was open. haha poor guy. I told him about HIllsong nights this week, but it's a fat chance he'll come to Sydney just for conference...but who knows. I just thought it was cool how God has a way of setting up opportunities.

After 15 hours on the plane we finally pulled up to Sydney and you know that feeling of pure joy.... for me it's like walking into Disney World at night and seeing the castle all lite up. It just feels like home. I don't know if you've ever felt that with anything. But seeing those Sydney lights I had it!! I had the "home" feeling. It was great!.

Ok so we arrive at about 630 and after customs and what not we got out around 8. Turns out my dad rented a car..... So the first 10 minutes (after buckling up) I just kept my head in my pillow. So we were going in circles right... for 2 and a half hours! When we get to the hotel my parents want to eat but I'm just tired so, they're going to bring something back. And I'm going to watch Aussie Rules football shower and hopefully make it to Conference Night tonight!!!! I sure hope!

Miss you all!! Love you like WHOA!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

These past four days...

Actually, Let us start at Saturday night shall we?
Saturday Night: I felt my throat getting sore so I took some Black Elderberry Syrup and some Vitamin C's before bed.
Sunday: Sunday I gargle twice in the morning with Apple Cider Vinegar, Took more Black Elderberry and C's but this time some Umcka also. Headed to church with dad. Did some rehearsing with the youth band, got prayed for by the youth band, had two grapes and went home after worship. I started on some Amoxicillin that I had from when I went to Romania. I knew it didn't matter if I was better or not Sunday night because I was not going to miss Anthony getting baptized, So i went. Took some Tylenol to kill the pain for a few hours and it work. I was hungry from not eating anything but those two grapes so I had a hotdog and a half, 2 bags of chips, and a fudge bar. When we got home we started watching the soloist, Towards the end I started becoming restless so I took some Advil (bad choice). Tried to sleep. Advil made it worst so I took some pepto-bismol (Little did I know this was the beginning of a looong night.) I figured if I go to sleep maybe it'll be better. I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't sleep on my back or my stomach, because I felt like throwing up. So I felt Nauseous for a while and I just wanted it to end (I almost made myself throw up). I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't so my mom went with me I woke back up at 12 Oclock and whatdoyaknow, I threw up.... Everything! And this wasn't your average vomit.. it. would. not. stop. I'm pretty sure I threw up everythng but those two grapes. The good news is afterwards I felt much better, slept and woke back up at four. Took some Motrin, but I couldn't go back to sleep, my body was restless. So I woke up my mom and she and my dad sat with me in the living room. Dad went and got some powerade and mom massaged my feet trying to make the restless feeling go away. Turns out I had a fever. Finally I went back to sleep and woke up at nine to go to the Doctor. We waited an hour and a half at the doctors, as you do. When we got in the doctor decided I needed a shot, and if you know me, You know whats next... the waterworks. I hate shots. I don't move, scream, or yell. I just sit. And weep. Shot in the butt. Next the weird thing is she gave me a not for a 3 of my works saying I can't work, or do anything for 3 days. Bizarre. I've never had that before, the only thing I can think is that I'm reeeeal contagious. So here's how these 3 days have gone....

DAy1: Back from the doctor I let all my workplaces know whats up, turn on t.v dad makes me some delicious 2 half bowls of chicken soup... just the broth, but with salt pepper and cayenne pepper. Later We get brave and he adds some potatoes that have been soaking. I sleep. Then It's dinner and He gets me a bowl with potatoes and some chicken. And mom buys fruits to make a smoothie, because i'm really craving fruit after all the soup. John also buys me a smoothie from dairy queen so I say that's breakfast. Take some tylenol pm and head to bed. Slept through the night!
Day2: Wake up and head tot he couch, still sore throat bu the sinus infection has gone down a bit. (and FYI you know it's a sinus infection when #1 your snot is real green and #2 your ears are affected and when you blow your nose your equilibrium is off.) Watch tv all day. Eat some of that smoothie for breakfast because it make my throat feel better. Lunch and Dad now adds some veggies to my soup and it's eaten slowly but eaten none the less. Yummy! Through out the time yes I want to play guitar and be on the computer but I don't feel more crummy getting up then lying down. Mom comes home and brings chips from Rosas and salsa but no queso. So she makes me some. And lovely queso at that. take tylenol pm watch some I Love You, Man with mom and to bed.
Day3: Thats today! feeling good enough to get on the computer apparently. I think today will be princess movies and hillsong dvds, accompanied by a shower which I have not taken since Saturday I'll have you all know. I just don't like taking shower when I feel crummy. SO yea thats it thats today. Splendid.

Last note: If you're reading this and you are a girl who is 12 or older Sunday is mothers day and we're having an All girl choir!! You should join us!! Rehearsal is tonight in the senior high building carpeted room at 630! You don't wanna miss it. Come expecting because Theres something powerful when the women of God arise together to lift up the name name of Jesus. So come withholding nothing, and join us Sunday as one voice, and one heart, and worship in abandonment, our King!