Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This ones for you mom... =)

SO here is half of my very LARGE family. =) aren't we all cute?
In the top picture there's: Malarie, Bethany, Me, and Ethan. Next picture: Jolanda, Naemi, Malarie, me, Lisa, and Siai. And Lastly:Pablo Lisa Ben Ethan Malarie Me and Bethany.
Ok so mom wanted me to blog again... so here it is. It gets hard blogging because it's always kinda the same stuff that happens. Don't get me wrong it's all amazing but it's really more amazing to experience it than to read about it.
So a ton of my housemates are either going home over break or they are going to New Zealand to hang our with our New Zealand Brothers and meet their families and stuff, but that's not in my budget as of now so I think I'll just get a job and work this summer, that way maybe I can go next summer =) So anyway since I'm staying at home I figured I could bond with the neighbors, I was thinking about having a "block party" so to speak, with the other 4 houses on my street. I think this would be an amazing way to build relationship with them.
And speaking of buildng relationship with neighbors i've been starting good relationships with a couple of the neighbors but a few of us girls are thinking about moving out of the mansion to find some place with cheaper rent, but the only thing keeping from doing that now are the neighbors. I feel that if I leave and there is no one to carry out the relationship with the neighbors it seem all for nothing. So I can't leave......right? I dunno one of those things I guess, those things to stay in prayer about.

OK so love you all miss you all HEAPS! =)
Exo day is Saturday get ready to live, lives will be changed AMEN!

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